Price list

rHúsið – Sjóminjasafn – Kirkjubær  

General Admission:   1,500  

Children under 18: free  

Öryrkjar:  frítt  

Senior citizens aged 67 and over:   1,200  



10 guests and more during daytime hours: 1,200 per person 

10 guests and more outside working hours: Minimum fee 20,000 

Senior citizens 10 guests and more during daytime hours:   1,000 per person    

Elementary and high school groups during daytime hours:   free 

Student groups outside working hours:   Minimum fee 10,000   



General Admission:   1,500  

Groups outside opening hours: 10,000 minimum charge  


Rent The House  

Wedding and confirmation photography:  15,000  

Open cultural events:  Agreement  

Filming half a day:   75,000  

Filming one day:   120,000  



Búðarstígur 22 – Hall  

General meetings and celebrations, 2-3 hours        40.000  

Meeting facilities, daily rental, weekdays                    50.000  

Meeting facilities, day rental, weekends                   70.000  

Fermingarveisla Búðarstíg 22 m/aukadegi             50.000  

Birthday party evening Búdarstíg 22                            50.000  

Wedding party w/an extra day (delivered at noon on day 2) 60.000  

Family meeting day rental on the weekend    70.000  

Family reunion weekend rental                100.000  

Baptism party                                50.000  

Erfidrykkja                                    50.000  


Small meetings in the cafeteria B 22 5.000  

Small birthday parties in hall B22 20.000  

Menningarviðburður               50.000 eða eftir samkomulagi  


- The museum reserves the right to collect up to a 25% surcharge if the finished product is not good 

- You can seek information and agreements from the museum manager about rental prices for those events that are not specified in the price list.  

- If individual events are agreed separately, 50% of the price must be paid as a confirmation fee no later than 5 days before the relevant event.

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