Árnessýsla Heritage Museum


Konurnar á Eyrarbakka – Sumarsýning Byggðasafns Árnesinga

Sýningin Konurnar á Eyrarbakka verður opnuð sunnudaginn 9. júní kl. 15.00 í Byggðasafni Árnesinga, Húsinu á Eyrarbakka og byggir hún á samnefndri bók eftir Jónínu Óskardóttur, bókavörð og menningarmiðlara.

Á sýningunni er fjallað um líf og störf kvenna í þorpi sem var lengi eitt stærsta þéttbýli á Íslandi.

Exhibitions and events

The exhibition Drengrinig, fjöllin og Húsið focuses on the childhood and adolescence of painter Ásgrím Jónsson. Ásgrímur was born and raised in Suðurkot in the Rútsstaðar district in Flóa.

A game to learn

A visit to the museum can truly be a fun and exciting activity for the whole family! There are countless interesting things to see, explore and experience.


The Ásgrímsleiðin is a proposal for a drive around the Bay in the historical paths of the painter Ásgrím Jónsson with a stop at the exhibitions of the Árnesing Art Museum and the Árnesing Museum of Architecture and starting or ending at the Icelandic Art Museum - in Ásgrím's house. 

The House

The house is a charming and historic merchant's home, where more than 250 years old history of trade and culture is told. The house was built 1765 og var mikið menningarsetur,  þangað bárust fjölbreyttir straumar og stefnur í listum og menningu.

The Maritime Museum

The oarship Farsæll, which was saved at a crucial moment from disappearing into the sand, today graces the halls of the Maritime Museum. The exhibition there revolves around seafaring and human life on the southern coast centuries ago, when people rowed daily in open boats out to sea for fishing. 


People flowed from countryside to village in the whirlwind of change in the interwar years and built houses similar to Kirkjubær on Eyrarbakki. The heyday of merchants in the House was coming to an end, but electric lights, rubber boots and radio were the revolutions of the time.

Outdoor house and egg shed

The outdoor house and the egg shed are a reminder of how large the household was in the House in the past. The master rummaged through the birds and smoked a pipe in the shed while the sheep bleated in the sheepfold and the milkmaid milked the cows in the first concrete barn in the South.

The Baiting Shed

A hidden museum building on Eyrarbakki is the Beitningaskurunn in the middle of the village close to the sea defense. Time has stood still there, bait bales, fishing gear and the scent of the sea meet visitors. The shed was built in 1925 during the heyday of motor boat production on Eyrarbakki.


325 / 5.000 Þýðingarniðurstöður Þýðingarniðurstaða Úríðarbúð is a seafaring shop that gives an insight into the conditions of sailors on rowing ships in the 19th century. Sjóbúð is nestled in the middle of a residential area on Stokkseyri and is always open. It is filled with turf and stones and beams along the walls where sailors could sleep two by two. A seafood shop was everything at once; dormitory, dining room and day room of the guards.


Baugstaðir Cremery is a true gem among museums in Iceland and is the only creamery in the country that remains with all equipment. The stream is blocked when visitors visit the estate, and the cream cylinder and churning table crunch as the water power drives the equipment.

Here and there

The historical artefacts of Árnes County can be seen in 17 places throughout South Iceland, although the headquarters are located in Eyrarbakki.