Storage house

The preservation house of the Árnesing Museum is at Búðarstíg 22 in Eyrarbakki. In everyday speech, the house is called Alpan-húsið, but a well-known aluminum pan factory was operated there a few decades ago. 

In the preservation house of the Árnesing Museum of Architecture, the collection items that are not in the museum's exhibitions are kept, but there is good access to the artefacts for research. Preserved there are collections from the Árnesing Building Museum, the Maritime Museum in Eyrarbakki, Þuríðarbúd, the Íslands Museum of Music and the Ölfus Building Museum. Furthermore, the National Museum of Iceland rents a storage facility for technical relics and boats in part of Búdarstíg 22.  

The office of Byggðasafn Árnesing is at Búðarstíg 22 and is normally staffed by professional staff. Interview times by appointment and phone 483 1082.  

In the office wing of Búðastíg 22, there is a multi-purpose room of 100 square meters in size, which is rented out for parties and meetings, among other things. Tableware for 60 people and a good internet connection. See more under the tab Hall rental.