Museum education

One of the cornerstones of professional museum work is museum education. Student groups are welcomed throughout the school year and each visit can be adapted to the needs of each individual. The museum education department makes a big effort to have schools visit throughout the school year, and we cherish the relationships we have with the county's schools. A lot of work has been put into the museum's fruitful and fun collaboration with various schools in the district, with the goal of putting together an educational program that matches the subject matter that is being worked on each time.  

The projects are presented in such a way that it is easy to use the knowledge of the museum visit for processing when you get back to the classroom! We want to support the work done in the schools and add new dimensions to approaches and teaching methods. There are several educational projects that have been developed in collaboration with teachers and students. These projects fit well with certain learning objectives and have been written with the aim of supporting the learning materials used in the schools. It is recommended to use the museum visit as a refresher for what is being discussed in the classroom and when you get back to school, for processing.  

We continue to work on the development of diverse educational projects based on the museum's advantages, exhibitions and museum area.  


Lubba's audio story bones 

Christmas tree in the living room 

Come and try Icelandic folk customs 

The story arc amazing 

Welcome Þorri 

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