Most of the Árnesing Museum's exhibitions are located in a small area in the heart of Eyrarbakki. The museum's reception and the largest exhibition space is in Húsin, a charming and historic merchant's home where the more than 200-year-old history of trade and culture is told. In the surroundings are the old outhouses and the Egg Barn, where stuffed birds, eggs and science are in the spotlight. The Maritime Museum, located just a short distance from the House, houses the famous river ship Farsæl, but the exhibition there revolves around seafaring and human life in centuries past. At the western end of the museum area is the small folk house Kirkjubær, and there is an interesting and family-friendly exhibition about the revolutionary times, when electric light came into houses and people got radios and rubber boots. A hidden museum building on Eyrarbakki is the Beitingaskúrn in the middle of the village close to the sea defense. Events are held in the shed and it can be shown if requested.  

Úríðarbúð is a hypothetical house made of turf and stones and stands inside a residential area in Stokkseyri. The shelter gives a good insight into the conditions of the shelters in the 19th century and is always open. 

The cream farm at Baugsstaðir can be found further east along the coast in the immediate vicinity of Knarrarósvita. The farm is the only creamery in the country that remains with all the equipment and therefore a unique pearl among collections.