Access to artefacts

The largest part of the collection of Byggðasafn Árnesing is registered in the database and a picture usually accompanies the artifact. In this way, everyone can examine the museum's holdings electronically. If people want to get direct access to a collection or detailed information about a certain collection, the first step is to call or send us an email. We will find time to receive you and fulfill your wishes. The museum's office is in the museum's storage building at Búdarstíg 22 in Eyrarbakki.   

Phone: 483 1082 



More about the registration of collectibles  

All items donated to the Árnesing Museum are recorded as accurately as possible. Cataloging is a very important part of the museum's work. Quality documentation is one of the most important foundations in all museum work and is as important as collection, preservation and dissemination. Registration is done according to clearly defined standards. Various registration details and information such as date of arrival, age, material, size, donor, user, description and career, as well as many other important things, should be stated. Secure registration ensures the preservation of information about the artefacts and opens access to them at a later date. If artifacts had no history or past, their value would be little or nothing. Registration systems are different. Around 1992, Bygðasafn Árnesinga started to record items in the program File Maker Pro and was recorded based on handwritten reference books. That registration was only accessible to museum employees. Today, Bygðasafn Árnesing registers in the Sarp database, like most of the country's heritage museums. 


New materials are accepted according to the museum's approved collection policy and in line with the museum's charter. The working rule is that upon receipt, all supplies are handwritten in a special supply book in the museum, and based on that information, they are later entered into the Sarp electronic database. With the introduction of Sarps, a lot of experience and coordination has been achieved, and the aim is for all Sarps content to be available online and on the main search engines. In the database Sarpi, which is run by most of the recognized museums in the country, you can view the collection and photographs of the Árnesing Museum of Architecture and the Maritime Museum in Eyrarbakki. Work is being done on the visualization of museum objects and photographs, and the big project is getting smaller and smaller. See more on the Sarps website: To isolate the search, select from the tab Bygðasafn Árnesinga/Sjóminjasafnít á Eyrarbakki and objects or photographs as appropriate.